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Liquid-crystal display televisions (LCD TV) are television sets that use LCD technology to produce images. LCD televisions are thinner and lighter than CRTs of similar display size, and are available in much larger sizes. This combination of features made LCDs more practical than CRTs for many roles, and as manufacturing costs fell,their eventual dominance of the television market was all but guaranteed.

In 2007, LCD televisions surpassed sales of CRT-based televisions worldwide for the first time, and their sales figures relative to other technologies are accelerating. LCD TVs are quickly displacing the only major competitors in the large-screen market, the plasma display panel and rear-projection television. LCDs are, by far, the most widely produced and sold television technology today, pushing all other technologies into niche roles.

In spite of the LCD’s many advantages over the CRT technology they displaced, LCDs also have a variety of disadvantages. A number of other technologies are vying to enter the large-screen television market by taking advantage of these weaknesses, including organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), FED and SED, but as of 2010 none of these have entered widespread production.